Speaker's Corner

Are you presenting at a session at the Interior RENT?

Here is a quick checklist to help ensure a smooth presentation.


Have you self-registered as a speaker? This ensures that we have a name badge for you and that you do not get charged a registration fee. If not, please see  our easy step-by-step Speaker Registration Instructions.


Have you thought about how to prepare your presentation? If not, please review the handy guide below:

Session Preparedness in a Nutshell
BCNPHA offers a variety of session types at our RENT events and annual conference. Some of our presenters are experts in their field and seasoned facilitators. We also encourage our members - who have the best local knowledge to share - to present sessions, sit on or moderate panels and facilitate interactive, hands-on workshops. This guide is for anyone, in either group, interested in mastering the art of presenting. These tips apply to lecture style presentations and when presenting at workshops and panels.


Have you converted your PowerPoint presentation to the appropriate format? The standard  format at our RENT events is wide-screen 16:9 format. Click for instructions to convert 4:3 to 16:9 format.


Have you read important details regarding pre- and post-event logistical details? If not, click here.


Have you familiarized yourself with the venue location and details? If not, click here.

Do you have any other questions? If so, please contact Kate Nielsen, Education Coordinator, kate@bcnpha.ca, Tel: 778-945-2156, or toll-free: 1.800.494.8859 Ext. 2156