Welcome to the Housing Sector!

The non-profit housing sector is a dynamic and rewarding field to work in, with a wide range of career paths to pursue your professional goals. And with the sector expanding throughout the province, there are a host of new job opportunities to explore.

To support people beginning their housing sector careers, we’ve created the Welcome to the Housing Sector! course. 

The development of this course was generously funded by SPARC BC – Homelessness Community Action Grant.

What you will learn:
In this course you will learn more about the non-profit housing sector and the work we do, including:

The role of different levels of government in the housing sector
Policy and legislation that guides the work of the non-profit housing sector
The role of key players in the housing sector in BC
The rich diversity of tenants accessing non-profit housing
Additional resources available to support their work

Who should take this course?
People who want to learn more about the non-profit housing sector.
People who are starting or have recently started careers in the housing sector and stepping into any role in the sector – admin, tenant relations, property management, etc.
6/15/2021 - 12/31/2021
Online Canada
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