Housing Strategy: Tsawwassen First Nation Experience

TFN faces new realities, continuing financial and social pressures, and increasing demand for more to be done in the housing sector. TFN's Housing Strategy identifies nine themes and provides bold and realistic responses to many challenges. Join senior planners from TFN to learn about how they have implemented this strategy, and some lessons learned as they move through identified actions, next step, adoption and align work plans to implement various themes of the Comprehensive Housing Strategy. Also joining the panel will be a staff member of the TFN will discuss their experience as a member of the first nation, and can speak to the changing landscape.

Tsawwassen First Nation Presenters: Rasika Acharya, Komal Shaikh, Priyanka Roy, and Nikki Lorenz
4/9/2021 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Online Canada
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