I'm New, What Do I Do?

Discover the many ways BCNPHA can support your organization, whether it’s navigating the challenges of building housing or getting the best deals on the products and services your society needs to operate at its best. New to the sector? We’ll cover helpful resources to start your society, get funding, and build housing. Long time provider? Explore BCNPHA’s money-saving member programs and how we can help with everything from asset management to communications, insurance and more.

- become familiar with BCNPHA’s services and programs
- identify any next steps that need to be taken to meet their goals
- know who to contact to address any unanswered questions

Presenters: Arwa Hasan, Marketing Membership Manager; Erika Sagert, Policy Manager; Mauricio Ruiz, Partner Programs Development Specialist; 
and Gabriel Vieira, Asset Management Coordinator - BC Non-Profit Housing Association
4/13/2021 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
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